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Stirling Skills Training Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors comprising business people and community representatives who bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to the organisation, including knowledge and understanding of the recruitment and training needs of employers. Our non-executive Directors freely volunteer their time and expertise in support of Stirling Skills Training's work in the community.

Bala Suppiah (Executive Officer)

Bala has been in the employment, education and training services for the last 12 years. After completing a Bachelors of Business and the Master of Science in Telecommunications, Bala joined The Salvation Army Employment Plus and eventually took the role of Operations and Compliance Manager role within 6 months with Employment Plus managing the JNM contract in WA. In 2006 Bala left Employment Plus to join Australian Technical

College initiative as the Business Manager/Company Secretary, overseeing finances, contract compliance for RTO, GTO, School Registration, HR and corporate Governance.  In 2010, Bala joined Community First as the Chief Operating Officer, managing employment services, DES and community services contracts working closely with both Commonwealth and State governments. In 2012, after, 2.5 years in the COO position, Bala joined Stirling Skills Training as the Executive Officer.


Brett Mallott (Treasurer)

Brett is a finance specialist with extensive experience in telecommunications management. Joining the SST Board in 2004 Brett has extensive experience in communications, management and finance. Currently the Manager of Mortgage Services with a prominent WA finance firm, Brett brings to the Board his skills in relationship management in a commercial environment as well as a strong financial perspective to governance. Brett was the Treasurer of Stirling Skills Training prior to being elected as Secretary in 2009.

Basil Lambert (Board Member)

Basil is the owner and Director of Social Enterprise Consulting. His company provides project development, funding and planning and dispute resolutions to business, Government and the community. Basil brings expertise to the Board in tender proposals, business networking, and is a specialist provider of mediation and arbitration services to business, government and the community. Basil has been a Director of Stirling Skills Training since 2003.

Rob Gates (Chairperson)

Rob has a diverse background having had careers in the services, multi-national companies, small business and the commonwealth and state governments. He has been employed in sales and marketing management, training development management and project management. Much of his experience has been in the fields of science and innovation and economic and social infrastructure. Rob has a particular interest in community development and has been a continuous member of the board since 1983 and has served as Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

Kate Dempster (Deputy Chairperson)

John Theodorsen (Secretary)

Appointed Managing Director in July 2010, John has experience as a consultant in the areas of management, industrial relations and public administration. John has worked as an industrial advocate, CEO of a registered industrial organization and Ministerial Chief of Staff in the Western Australian government. John is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, and a member of the Industrial Relations Society of Western Australia. A Director of the Board since 1990, John has previously held the position of Company Secretary.

Alex Pereira (Board Member)

Alex has extensive experience in managing government-funded training and employment programs, including JSA and DES.  Alex has worked for organisations such as Employment Plus, PVS Workfind and Community First. Alex started as an Employment Consultant in the Job Network contract with Employment Plus went on to manage JSA and DES contracts with PVS Workfind and Community First. He has significant experience assisting equity groups in both metro and regional areas in WA, and recently managed a National Training Organisation delivering both funded and unfunded training throughout WA.



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