Complaints and Appeals Policy


P026 Complaints and Appeals Policy

Controlled Document. P026 Complaints and Appeals Policy v2.1.pdf.

Version No: 2.1. Date Effective: Jan 2017. Review Date: March 2018.



The purpose of this document is ensure transparent complaints and appeals procedures that enable students and clients to be informed of and to understand their rights and the RTO’s responsibilities. Ensure that all complaints and appeals are dealt in accordance with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness and aims to resolve complaints, disputes and appeals as soon as possible.


This policy and procedure refers to the following Standards for RTOs 2015 6.1 – 6.6


This policy applies to Complaints and Appeals related to:

Related Documents

F036 Student Complaint Form

F037 Appeal Form

F050 Complaints, Appeals and Incident Register


This policy and related documents will be communicated to staff via the internal communications process.

Complaints Procedure

Clients may choose to submit a complaint to the RTO staff via the Informal Process or Formal Written Process F036 Student Complaint Form. The RTO staff will explain the Informal and Formal complaints and assessment appeals processes available to them. (Please note ‘RTO staff’ will be considered to include third parties or partnering organisation staff).

Informal process

Formal Process

External Review


Assessment Appeals Procedure


Complaints and appeals records


The RTO maintains confidential records of all complaints, appeals and their outcomes.